AC Squared was an early practicioner of green building, by employing construction materials & technology that minimize emission of harmful chemicals, maximize energy conservation and reduce the carbon footprint.

Part of true green living is actually living outdoors: We specialize in creating modern outdoor features that provide the setting for the environmentally responsible California lifestyle:

  Outdoor living areas, such as pergolas, gazabos, outdoor kitchen and dining areas. 
    Built out of redwood or cedar, these structures are equipped with fire pits or
    fireplaces, gas space heaters, ceiling fans and water misting systems, making them
    usable and highly enjoyable year-round.
  Spas and swimming pools, including infinity pools
  Fountains and waterfalls that juxtapose natural and industrial material, such as
    concrete with slate and marble
  Gas-powered fire pits

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Bel Air Venice

California Licensed Architect C22403
California Licensed General Contractor B 943282


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